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 Living and working overseas in my 20s, I was immersed into a world where there were skilled copper artisans in almost every town. On my return to the UK a decade or so later, inspired by those craftsmen, I began my own journey experimenting with this wonderful metal.

My small business has grown steadily over the years and it gives me no end of pleasure to know my lanterns are in many many homes around the world. It gladdens my heart to know they have been gifted in celebration of many a copper anniversary and I am honoured to have been chosen to make lanterns in memory of lost loved ones.

My days are spent creating your lanterns to order and in between I continue to build on my portfolio with new designs.

Every time I light up a lantern I am just that little bit more enamoured with the look and feel of the copper and I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to work as I do.  Thank you for supporting handmade




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